Course CategoryCourse Name Start Date End Date DurationMode of Learning
Short Courses Institutional Leadership Course120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Instructional Leadership Programme120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Guidance and Counselling for Schools120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Transformative Leadership120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Financial Management for Bursars and Accounts Clerks120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Career Guidance and Counseling for TVET Institutions.120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Public Procurement for Education Institutions120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Schools of Excellence120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Education for Sustainable Development120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
The 21Century Teacher120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Data security and management120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Digital skills for education Managers120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Online safety and security120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
ICT integration in education management 120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
ICT integration in curriculum delivery120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Blended and Online learning design120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Qualitative methods for monitoring and evaluating the quality of education120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Human Resource management120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Customer care and public relations120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Quality Assurance and Standards120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Standards Assessment and Report Writing120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Institutional Based QA120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Data mining management and utilization120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Using education data to monitor education quality, access and relevance120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Education law, policies and reforms120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply
Training of Trainers ( TOT)120 hrsOnline/PhysicalApply