Legal Notice 19/2010 of the Education Act mandates KEMI to undertake capacity building activities in the education sector. Sessional Paper No. 1 of 2005 requires KEMI to provide in-service training to all education managers


A leading Institution in Management Development for Education Managers.



To provide training, conduct research and undertake consultancy services that promote capacity development of education managers.


KEMI is committed to improving quality of education by enhancing capacity of education managers through effective and efficient training, research and consultancy services.

KEMI operates under two Legal Notices, namely, the Legal Notice No.19 of 2010 and Legal Notice No.163 of 2011. 

The Legal Notice spells out the functions of KEMI as follows: –

  1. Provide, directly or in collaboration with other institutions of learning, management training, research and consultancy services in the education sector on a commercial basis to the public and private sector and to any other persons, local or foreign, who may request for such services from it;
  2. Provide training programs, seminars and workshops and produce publications/materials aimed at promoting managerial competence and integrity in the education sector, while utilizing diverse learning methods including open and distance learning approaches;
  3. Produce, maintain, disseminate documentation and information services and equipment relating to administrative management, technical and educational reform issues;
  4. Serve as a management advisory, consultancy and resource center for personnel involved in educational work;
  5. Undertake research in relation to training needs assessments, quality assurance processes, training impact assessments, policy, management and emerging issues for the purpose of designing appropriate management training programs and ensuring the integrity of these programs;
  6. Provide a forum for effective collaboration between the public and private sectors and other interested parties for capacity building in the education sector;
  7.  Conduct examination and award diplomas, certificates and other awards to successful candidates;
  8. Undertake resource generative services in a cost effective manner to build self-sufficiency; and
  9. Generally promote and carry on the work of a management development institute.