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To provide training, conduct research and undertake consultancy services that promote capacity development of education managers.


A leading institution in management development for education managers.

Quality Policy

KEMI is committed to improving quality of education by enhancing capacity of education managers through effective and efficient training, research and consultancy services.

KEMI is a capacity-building agency for the Ministry of Education; it serves as a springboard for advancing best management practices in the education sector. As valuable as prior college training is, it can never be driven fully towards training education personnel for specific positions within education management. Education Managers, therefore, need technical and personal skills in management.

Dr. Maurice OdondoCEO

Courses offered.

KEMI offers the following courses but not limited to

Teacher Professional Development Course

This course targets all registered teachers by the Teachers Service Commission

Diploma in Education Leadership & Management

This course targets Education offices and TVET Heads, Principals, Headteachers, Deputies, and Heads of Department .

Management of Office of Career Services

This course targets Officers of career service, Dean of Students Liaison Officers, Guidance, and Counseling officials.

Vocational Education Management

This course targets Managers, Heads of TVETS and VTSs, Section Heads in TVETs, and National Polytechnics.

ICT Integration in Education Management

This course targets Deputy Heads of Institutions, Accounts Clerks, and Bursars.

Student Leadership Course

This course targets the Student Leadership Council in public and private schools.

School of Excellence Course

This course targets Directors, Managers, Heads of Schools, Deputy Heads of schools in Private Schools.

Education For Sustainable Development (ESD)

This course targets all Heads of Schools.

Education Management Course (EMC)

This course targets Education officers for County and National Government

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Teacher Professional Development Cohort 4 MAY 2023 Intake

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