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Our Vision

A leading institution in management development for education managers.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy Statement

KEMI is committed to improving quality of education by enhancing capacity of education managers...




To provide training, conduct research and undertake consultancy services that promote   capacity development of education managers.


Commencement Of Induction And Training Of Diploma In Education Leadership & Management Course

Commencement  of  Induction and  Training  of  Diploma in  Education Leadership  & Management  Course 


Driving Performance Forward: Performance Contracting/Appraisal Training Programs

KEMI is conducting a new training program titled ‘performance contracting/appraisal and development’. This program aims at empowering education managers under the Teachers Service Commission with the knowledge and skills required to implement the newly introduced performance contracts and performance appraisal and development instrument.

The TSC introduced performance contracting in educational institutions with effect from January 2016. This was in pursuant to section 11 (c) and (f) of the Teachers Service Commission Act 2012, which mandates the Commission to monitor the conduct and performance of teachers in the teaching service. Section 35 of the TSC Act further empowers the commission to take all necessary steps to ensure that teachers comply with teaching standards prescribed by the Commission under the Act. See the performance contract/appraisal courses that KEMI has introduced...

  1. Performance contract/appraisal for Heads, Deputy Heads and HOD's...
  2. Performance contract support training program for teachers and learners...
  3. Performance Contract for Monitoring and Evaluation committees...

New KEMI Training Programs

The new KEMI training programs recently introduced by KEMI have become very popular in the education sector. Empowerment is within your control. Check out the new KEMI training programs which will empower you to become better managers of our educational institutions.   See our new training programs...

  1. Getting Started Programs
  2. ICT Integration Programs
  3. In-service Course for Teacher Training Colleges
  4. Research Solutions
  5. Diploma in Education Management Program
  6. Other Programs


We Innovate

At KEMI we believe in innovation. Working to ensure that we innovative systems that make a positive impact in training service delivery is a core value that we hold dear.   Milestones such as our distance learning program and e-library have been innovations that have put KEMI on the map. With more innovations emerging in the global arena, KEMI is intent on encouraging innovations that enable us work towards improving the quality of education in Kenya. This is because when education managers are empowered with modern education management knowledge and skills, they know better and so they do better. Ultimately, it is the children who benefit from well managed educational institutions. Read more about KEMI innovations.

  1. Upgrading Education Degree Programs
  2. A Roaring Success: Developing the Capacity of Education Managers
  3. E-Library/Repository
  4. Dadaab Training
  5. Creating a Culture of Leadership Excellence

Lives Transformed

KEMI is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of our children.  We pride ourselves in our track record of CSR activities on the same, and know that this is just the start; we will remain committed to working to impact positively on the lives of children as they are our ultimate customer. See our projects...

  1. Global Lessons
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility
  3. Obama Speech

KEMI Publications

KEMI supports the dissemination of usable knowledge and news on its activities. KEMI now publishes an annual Journal of Education Management and magazine titled ‘education management including monthly newslinks.  See our publications.

  1. KEMI Journals
  2. KEMI Magazines
  3. KEMI Newslink

Business Projects

Come and enjoy the benefits of doing business with KEMI. With our ever increasing business ventures, customers can now enjoy diverse services such as our hospitality, bookshop, printing press and kindergarten services. In addition we offer hire of office space, grounds, halls, boardrooms etc.  KEMI continues to lead in business enterprise management and has revolutionized the way income is generated in public institutions.

  1. Hostels
  2. Kindergarten
  3. Bookshop



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