Mode of Learning – Online

Learning Duration: 4 Weeks (120 Hrs)

Starting:……  Ending: …..

Payment Details: To cover tuition and training materials only.

COST: Kshs 15,500


A great trainer must have superior presentation skills and personal confidence. But most importantly, they must be able to engage the audience. This training of trainers (TOT) course is designed to benefit and help you develop, organize, and deliver effective training and to know how to assess the success of the training. This course aims at building confidence to ensure that trainers are equipped with the right skills to deliver any type of training in any environment; from a well equipped high-tech classroom to classroom where there is shortage of crucial resources such as to electricity.
You will learn how to apply different training methods for engaging participants, how to provide training materials in a structured manner, how to deliver an interactive presentation and how to assess learning under CBET. We shall end the course by looking at how to undertake training evaluation.


Trainers, instructors and persons aspiring to be trainers


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  •  Demonstrate understand the role of TNA in training.
  •  Articulate the fundamentals of training
  •  Appreciate the role played by the trainer in the training process.
  •  Demonstrate understanding of adult learning strategies used in training and presentation
  • Analyse the lesson planning process in CBET
  • Use different methods and styles of class management
  •  Demonstrate understanding of creative training techniques that enhance learning retention
  • Manage the training cycle effectively
  •  Appreciate the role of ICT in CBET
  •  Demonstrate understanding of CBET assessment
  •  Undertake evaluation of training programs


  • Introduction to Trainer of trainers
  •  Fundamentals of training
  •  The Trainer
  •  Adult Learning Strategies
  •  Lesson Planning for CBET
  •  Class Management Skills
  •  Creative Training Techniques
  •  Training Cycle Management
  •  Use of ICT to deliver CBET curriculum
  •  Assessment of CBET Curriculum
  •  Evaluating the Training

Course Code: TOT/