Mode of Learning – Online

Learning Duration: 4 Weeks (120 Hrs)

Starting:……  Ending: …..

Payment Details: To cover tuition and training materials only.

COST: Kshs 16,500


This course aims at  enhancing primary schools Deputy heads and senior teachers competences to  enable them to coordinate and manage the schools’ curriculum.  The course covers instructional components for effective and efficient delivery of quality, relevant, and inclusive education in schools.


Deputy principals, deputy head teachers, heads of departments, Deans of Studies, Heads of Subject Panels and Senior teachers.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of roles and responsibilities of instructional leaders.
  2. Support teachers in  the instructional processes in schools.
  3. Embrace  positive discipline measures for learners in schools 
  4. Promote leadership principles for conducive environment for learning
  5. Uphold assessment integrity in schools
  6. Device strategies for setting a conducive school climate
  7. Practice effective communication in schools.
  8. Identify opportunities for continuous professional development among teachers
  9. Design strategies  for accelerating school performance
  10. Consolidate  final synthesis targeting instructional leadership competencies.


  • Roles and Responsibilities of Instructional Leaders
  • Leading the Instructional Process
  • School Discipline
  • Leadership for Learning
  • Accelerating School performance
  • Leadership in setting the School Climate/ Impactful Leadership in JSS
  • Communication Competencies
  • Institutional Based Continous Professional Development
  • Management of Assessment


Course Code: ILC/2023