We are thrilled to announce the commencement of our groundbreaking Effective School Leadership for Junior Secondary Schools (ESL4JSS) program. This initiative marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower school leaders in the junior education sector. As we embark on this transformative journey, we are honored to serve school leaders from five pilot  counties:

  1. Kisumu
  2. Taita Taveta
  3. Turkana
  4. Machakos
  5. Kakamega

The five counties were enlisted for the pilot program before being rolled out to other counties.

Enhancing Junior School Leadership for CBC Implementation


School leaders during a group activity at the launch of the programme

The ESL4JSS program represents a pivotal step towards bolstering the implementation of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) in Junior Secondary Schools. This comprehensive school leadership training was officially unveiled on August 14th by Mr. Charles Chacha, Director of Policy and Partnerships at the Ministry of Education. He was representing Dr. Elyas Abdi, Director General, Ministry of Education. The event was held at Nyamasaria Primary School in Kisumu County.

From Left: Mr. Charles Chacha, Director of Policy and Partnerships together with KEMI CEO, Dr. Maurice Odondo pose for a photo at the sidelines of the event

Mr. Chacha’s presence was complemented by a distinguished panel, including the Regional Director of Education for Nyanza, the County Director of Education for Kisumu, esteemed ministry officials, the CEO of Kenya Education Management Institute-KEMI, the VVOB in Kenya Country Programmes Manager, and prominent stakeholders in the education sector.

ESL4JSS: A Collaborative Endeavor

ESL4JSS stands as a testament to collaborative excellence, jointly developed by KEMI and VVOB in Kenya through Implementing national Curriculum reforms through app-based learning for school leaders in secondary education, INCREASE (2022-2026) program. This program is meticulously designed to strengthen school leaders’ instructional leadership competences, equipping them with a deep understanding of the CBC framework and its implications for teaching and learning.

Our training approach is a harmonious blend of various learning methodologies, ensuring that school leaders receive a comprehensive educational experience. It encompasses online self-paced learning modules, extended learning activities, and invaluable face-to-face learning sessions.

Addressing Educational Aspirations

Speaking at the event, Mr. Chacha underscored the critical role of leadership training in realizing Kenya’s ambitious education goals. He emphasized the transformative potential of the CBC, emphasizing its ability to cultivate competencies, values, life skills, continuous assessment, and community service learning. He assured school leaders and stakeholders that all directorates and education agencies are diligently working to provide the necessary financial, human, and capital resources for effective teaching and learning, with a particular focus on Junior Secondary, Grade 7, as the pioneers of the CBC.

Additionally, Mr. Chacha lauded KEMI and VVOB in Kenya for their innovative deployment of ICT solutions in education, exemplified by the development of the KEMI App. This application promises a flexible, app-based learning experience tailored to the daily activities of school leaders. Mr. Chacha eagerly anticipates feedback from the inaugural cohort to further refine the application and make it accessible to school leaders nationwide.

VVOB Country Programmes Manager, Claire Mazin addressing the participants

Evidence-Based Training

Dr. Maurice Odondo, CEO of Kenya Education Management Institute-KEMI, assured school leaders that the ESL4JSS program is rooted in evidence-based practices. It seeks to address capacity gaps identified during a recent Training Needs Assessment commissioned by the Ministry of Education. The assessment revealed that 82.7% of secondary school leaders and 70.7% of primary school leaders did not feel adequately equipped to mentor and support teachers across all CBC curriculum components. Moreover, a substantial majority of school leaders (65.2% in primary and 80.2% in secondary) lacked confidence in mentoring and supporting teachers in CBC curriculum design. In response to these stark realities, ESL4JSS was developed with a central focus on building the capacity of school leaders in junior secondary schools for effective CBC implementation.

A Unified Vision

In her remarks, Claire Mazin, VVOB in Kenya Country Programme Manager, emphasized the pivotal role that school leaders play in fostering effective teaching and providing unwavering support to educators. She affirmed that the professional development of teachers and school leaders remains VVOB’s primary priority in ensuring quality education for all. The INCREASE program, and subsequently, the ESL4JSS training, harmoniously complement existing government efforts to facilitate the effective implementation of the competency-based curriculum at the junior school level, underscoring the indispensable role school leaders play in creating optimal conditions for CBC success.

Joint group session at the Kisumu Launch

Expanding the Horizon

The ESL4JSS program rollout also commenced with great enthusiasm in Taita Taveta, Turkana, Machakos and Kakamega counties. These counties will serve as living testaments to the profound impact of ESL4JSS, reaffirming our collective commitment to elevating the quality of education, one school leader at a time. After the successful role out of cohort one in the five counties, KEMI in partnership with VVOB is gearing up for a massive role out of cohort 2 and 3 that will involve more that 15 counties the program is set to have been implemented in all counties by 2026 and beyond.

For more information send us an email on info@kemi.ac.ke