Mode of Learning – Online

Learning Duration: 4 Weeks (120 Hrs)

Starting:……  Ending: …..

Payment Details: To cover tuition and training materials only.

COST: Kshs 15,500


In the public sector, procurement is important since public schools are immediate beneficiaries of public resources or taxpayers’ money which is supposed to be properly accounted for and therefore, procurement function plays an integral role in the management strategy. The Public Procurement  Course for Education Institutions is  short course which aims at equipping participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them participate effectively in the procurement of goods, services and works in their institutions of learning.



Deputy principals, deputy head teachers, heads of departments and Senior teachers.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain importance of Procurement in Schools

  • Describe public procurement process

  • Explain the functions of procurement committees

  • Explain various methods of procurement and their appropriate threshold

  • Understand the challenges and ethical issues in the procurement Proces

  • Understand Requirements of Public Procurement and Asset Disposal (PPAD) Act 2015


  1. Introduction to Public Procurement
  2. Organization of the Procurement Function In Education Institutions
  3. General Procurement Rules for Public Institutions
  4.  Procurement Procedures and Methods
  5. Administrative Review of Procurement Proceedings
  6.  Disposal of Stores and Equipment
  7. Ethics and Procurement in Institutions of Learning

Course Code: PPS/2023