KEMI emerged 2nd runners up in the recently concluded DIAR Awards 2023. The institute was recognized for its efforts in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB), in the work environment. The institute was awarded the “Best State Agency in DEIB” category.

KEMI Staff receiving the “Best State Agency in DEIB” award.

The National Diversity and Inclusion Awards & Recognition (DIAR Awards) is an initiative that recognizes employers, institutions, organizations, and individuals who champion Diversity, and promote Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB), in the workplace and society. In a broader sense the awards program;

  • Supports and emphasizes the need for DEIB initiatives.
  • Highlights success stories and case studies;
  • Harnesses the strengths that are inherent in diverse societies.
  • Recognizes initiatives that increase employment possibilities, and empowerment of persons with disabilities.
  • Reinforces the need for gender equity in the workplace, and continuous women empowerment in society.
  • Bringing to the limelight different initiatives that respond to the needs of vulnerable groups such as the poor and the marginalized, youths, the elderly, and the disenfranchised.
  • Ensures that all people are included irrespective of their social attributes, distinct sets of behavior, beliefs and religion, different language, different ideologies, and different and ethnicity.

The awards initiatives were instituted in 2018 by Daima Trust, and it has contributed immensely to the achievement of inclusive growth and inclusive and sustainable development in Kenya. Individuals and organizations that have been part of this, are now more conscious of the need to manage well the diversity that exists in their institutions; have a better understanding of the demographics of the marketplace they serve; understand diverse views, and appeal to a wide range of diverse populations.

DIAR Awards are organized annually through a process of nomination, applications and self-submissions, from individuals and organizations working in Kenya, and promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, through their groundbreaking initiatives, programs, and services. The companies and organizations range from community-focused organizations, NGOs, INGOs, county governments, Government ministries, State departments, Commissions, and Corporations, and Institutions of learning such as public universities, colleges, technical institutes, Listed companies, businesses and other private entities. Successful individuals and organizations are usually invited to an award gala dinner, where they are recognized and awarded for their ground-breaking efforts.

Congratulations to the team!