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Creating a Culture of Leadership Excellence

Creating a Culture of Leadership Excellence among Education Managers


With the introduction of new training programs, KEMI is fast creating a culture of leadership excellence among education managers.

An example of such a program, is ‘upgrading performance’. This program was introduced with the aim of improving the performance of schools that were lagging behind. The idea for this program was obtained from the National Institute of Education Management and Leadership, which is the capacity building agency for the Ministry of Education in Malaysia.

Another program introduced by KEMI was the National cohesion, integration & peace building.The aim of this program was to help the Government promote national cohesion and integration.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is another emerging training program in KEMI. The aim of this program is to help learners acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to shape a sustainable future. The idea for this program was obtained from the Mashav training Institute in Israel.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) embraced the Performance Contracting process introduced by the government through Legal Notice Number 93 of 2004. To support the TSC put schools on performance contracts, KEMI introduced a training program on performance contracting targeting principals of national schools.

KEMI has also provided extensive training in ICT integration in education. The Economic Stimulus Program (ESP) ICT program is provided by KEMI towards jumpstarting ICT integration in education in line with Vision 2030. In the same vein, KEMI took a lead role in the training of master trainers and other trainers for the national laptop project on ICT integration in the classroom.

It is also worth mentioning that since 2010, KEMI has been training education managers consistently on gender and HIV mainstreaming in education management in ASAL and hardship areas.



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