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Learning and Resource Center

Dominic Muia – Head of Section

KEMI Library is committed to supporting KEMIs quality mission to improve and maintain the quality of education by enhancing the capacity of education managers through efficient training, research and consultancy services. In keeping with this mission the learning resource centre aims to provide convenient and effective access to quality service, collection and information in a variety of formats.


To provide convenient effective and fast access to quality service and Information resources.


To be the leading promoter of self-centered information services and self-directed life-long learning and collaborate with education partners as we collectively work to provide quality and contemporary information and information services to all members of KEMI.


KEMI library is home to a variety of information resources. Our collection is rich in scope, covering almost all spheres of knowledge. KEMI library recognises that information in the current age is packaged in various formats therefore we have a wide collection in both electronic and print format.


To create freely distributed, information and to support the mission and vision of KEMI by collecting, maintaining, organizing information in various formats and provision of information literacy to ensure efficient access to information.

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