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Education Management Division

HOD Education Management

Joyce Kiruma - Head of Division

The Division oversees the following programmes:-

  • Commercial courses
  • Induction courses
  • Development and review of curricula and instructional materials
  • Partnerships programmes

The school of management deals with the capacity building courses for both newly appointed education officers and continuing capacity building programs for managers seeking promotion.

Specifically, it is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Planning, organizing and coordinating training for departmental programmes;
  • Conducting induction training for newly appointed education managers;
  • Organizing and conducting management courses in tandem with the trends and policies in the education sector;
  • Developing and reviewing curriculum for the capacity building programmes;
  • Developing instructional materials for training programs;
  • Training managers in the private sector;
  • Providing consultancy services in management;
  • Preparing training reports;
  • Preparing reports for performance contracting activities in the department;
  • Conducting TNA for capacity bulding programmes offered by the department;
  • Training education managers on emerging issues in education such as gender, HIV &AIDS, alcohol and drug abuse, Peace and national cohesion;
  • Reporting on HIV/AIDS mainstreaming activities in the institute;
  • Reporting on gender mainstreaming activities in the institute;
  • Implementing Kenya Vision 2030 flagship project on Science, Technology and Innovation;
  • Developing policies and strategies on topical issues;
  • Writing articles for publishing in refereed journals; and
  • Establishing partnerships and linkages on capacity building activities.

The division is headed by a National Management Trainer.



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