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ODFL Programme


The institute thanks you for enrolling in this program. We appreciate the time sacrificed from your busy schedule.

Your response is highly valued and will go a long way in helping KEMI realize its mission which is "to provide quality capacity building services through education and management training, research consultancy for lifelong empowerment of our stakeholders". More importantly you will enhance your competitive edge in pursuit of better opportunities within the profession.

In the long run your invaluable contribution in the implementation of KEMI's distance learning program will go a long way towards the realization of performance indicators on the education sector, i.e. quality, equity and access. All these concerted effort will subsequently contribute towards the achievement of Kenya's Vision 2030 and the millennium development goals.

Since quality has been termed as a moving target, we welcome your views and comments regarding the program delivery criteria and materials. Such comments shall be infused in our quality improvement agenda to make this program even more effective.

KEMI takes opportunity to wish you well as you interact with the modules.


About this guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with information about the open and distance learning diploma program and the requirements for enrolment and progress. It will enlighten you about what is expected of you as a distance learner. It will also inform you of what you expect from KEMI in terms of learner support and other issues related to your welfare as you work through the program. It is strongly recommended that you go through all sections of this guide so that you start on an informed note.

How to use this guide

It will give you guidance and direction on the operation of KEMI's ODFL program. You should later keep referring to it if there is a need to resolve any point of clarification.

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