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ICT Maintenance

The division provides ICT technical operations to the institute.


To be a center of excellence in the provision of ICT services.


To offer ICT services and equip the staff and education managers with ICT integration skills to enable them use ICT in their various roles.

The functions of this division include:

  • Configuration, installation and maintenance of ICT technologies;
  • Providing technical support including security and development of ICT systems;
  • Troubleshooting hardware and software’s in the Institutes' computers;
  • Maintaining and administering network systems, server environments, user backups of all computers;
  • Analyzing ICT requirements and processes;
  • Database management maintenance;
  • Monitoring the progress of the design, installation and commissioning of the various systems;
  • Administering the routine maintenance schedule for all the ICT equipment;
  • Management and Administration of systems security & monitoring antivirus effectiveness;
  • Updating and maintaining KEMI website;
  • Training staff on ICT skills and technologies;
  • Preparing and maintaining technical systems documentation and user manuals;
  • Installation of software and updates releases and patches;
  • Developing and implementing ICT strategy,  policies, procedures & work instructions;
  • Establishment and management of Local Area Network and Wide Area Network (WAN);
  • Analyzing, designing, coding and implementing computer programs;
  • Maintenance of ICT inventory data;
  • Writing progress reports and submitting to the relevant authorities.



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