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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer the Diploma programme in part time?

The Diploma program is an open distance program, commonly called ODFL (Open Distance and Flexible Learning). This is a distance learning program characterized by learners reading, doing assignments and submitting them as indicated n their program schedules. There are tutor support visits at KEMI designated regional training centres which are meant for supporting learners in their program. This method is valued for its flexibility.

What is the learning methodology?

KEMI offers capacity building programmes and the Diploma in education management program. For the capacity building programmes, KEMI offers an interactive learning environment, which is fulltime. Participants are actively taught in class with practice activities that aid in their learning.

What are the main topic areas in the Diploma Programme?

Introduction to resource management, Procurement and stores management, Fraud and credit management, Integrity and good governance, Strategic leadership, Building top performing teams, Results based management, Strategic planning, Project planning and management, Customer care and public relations, Curriculum implementation, ICT integration in education management, Conflict resolution, Disaster management, and Mainstreaming cross cutting issues.

Do you offer Diploma courses?

KEMI has designed a Diploma in Education Management to help school heads implement management policies, procedures and reforms in education sector and utilize modern management tools in managing their schools.

How can one be an employee of KEMI?

KEMI advertises for vacant positions, in all its operational areas when need arises.

How did KEMI transform the attitude of employees to a customer focused and results oriented attitude?

This has been achieved through culture change management

KEMI staff appears quite motivated, what’s the reason?

KEMI staffs are driven by the call of public service and excellence. They are professionals.

Can one be able to reschedule his /her programme in case he /she is not able to attend the ongoing?

Yes, but only on consultation with the admissions office or the deputy director in charge of training.

Can one opt to be a non-resident?

Yes, we are flexible to those who want to operate from outside.

Are the programmes available on our website?

Yes, they are available on our website i.e.

Do you offer your facilities for hire?

We offer training/conference halls and equipment (Laptops, LCD Projectors) at reasonable and competitive prices. The institute has three well equipped and networked computer labs that are also available for hire on request. Contact us for early bookings and reservations.

What are the charges for your courses?

The charges vary. Contact us for more information.

How do you get to KEMI?

We are situated between 5th and 6th Parklands Avenue, Mtama Road Nairobi. To get to KEMI, board Matatu number 11 from Odeon Cinema. Using this Matatu, alight at Mtama road next to AgaKhan hospital. Walk along Mtama road. A KEMI sign post is quite visible as you cross the 5th Parklands avenue junction. Alternatively, board Matatu number 106, 107 or 108 and alight at Sixth Avenue along Limuru road (the stage is commonly called “SIX”). Walk along this avenue and the KEMI gate is quite visible from a distance.

Do you have branches elsewhere?

KEMI has established seven regional centers at Kigari TTC, Kaimosi TTC, Garissa TTC, Shanzu TTC, Kisumu Polytechnic, Nyeri TTI and Rift Valley Institute of Technology. The main objective of this is to deliver training services closer to our clients.

Do you only train Government officers?

No, although we mainly train public officers. However, we also train personnel from the private sector and Non-government organizations. KEMI has the capacity to train all these categories of personnel.

What does KEMI do?

The Kenya Education ManagementInstitute (KEMI) is a Public Management Development Institute. The Institute was established in 1981 with funds from the World Bank and the Government of Kenya (GOK). Through legal notice number 19 of 2010, KEMI was re-established as a body corporate with an expanded mandate. The main role of the institute is to build the capacity of education personnel to enable them deliver education services efficiently and effectively.

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