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  1. Provide management training and research and consultancy services in the education sector on a commercial basis to the public and private sector and to any other persons, local or foreign, who may request such services from the institute.

  2. Provide training programs, seminars, and workshops and produce publications aimed at promoting managerial competence and integrity in the education sector.

  3. Produce, maintain and disseminate documentation and information services and equipment relating to administrative management, technical and educational reform issues.

  4. Serve as a management advisory, consultancy, and resource center for personnel involved in educational work.

  5. Undertake research in relation to training, policy, and emerging issues. Provide a forum for effective collaboration between the public and private sectors and other interested parties for capacity building in the education sector.

  6. Conduct examinations and award diplomas, certificates, and other awards to successful candidates

  7. Undertake resource generative services in a cost-effective manner to build self-sufficiency

  8. Promote and carry on the work of a management development institute.

Teacher Professional Development Cohort 4 MAY 2023 Intake

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