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ESD Linkages and Pertnerships

Education for Sustainable development advocates for people, institutions and communities to establish linkages and partnerships. This is critical because learning is a continuous process and people are endowed differently with abilities and talents. KEMI has established various linkages and partnerships for the purpose of training, coaching and mentoring various groups and institutions. Such linkage include:

  1. Nairobi West Nursery School
  2. Hospital Hill Primary School
  3. KIgari Teachers’ College
  4. North High ridge Primary School
  5. Buruburu 1 primary school
  6. St. Mary’s School in Nakuru

Among others.

Nairobi West Nursery School

Nairobi West NurseryNairobi West Nursery School is a public school taking care of children of age 2-5 years. The teachers in this school thrive in reusing waste, using locally available materials and innovation to prepare learning materials for the learners. KEMI appreciated to link up with this school because Sustainable Development focuses on the future more than the present. Small children then have to be molded, coached and mentored appropriately for them to grow up as responsible individuals with excellent leadership qualities. The School is headed by a passionate mother madam Rosalie Ndambuki who advocates for “doing things that you enjoy doing using your own hands.”

Nairobi west day nursery plays an important role in child development and provide a valuable support to families with young children. it is therefore important to understand the impact of their service and to ensure their quality and accessibility. At the nursery, professionals and a dedicated team of parents unite to fulfill the promise of all the learners education.

Nairobi West NurseryThe nursery is equipped with various facilities in the school such as a well-equipped computer lab. the children get to practice what they have been taught and sharpen their skills. This incorporates life skills that enables the learners to grow together and realize their full spiritual intellectual, social emotional and physical potential.

Quality meals are provided in the institution which enables the learners to grow and develop. A well balanced diet is provided for growth and nutrition. Food gives children proper nutrients to help fuel and energize their bodies.

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