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Collaborative Activity with the Embassy of Israel

Israel AmbassadorHis Excellency Israel Ambassador to Kenya, Yahel Vilan, invited KEMI to participate in the Israel Forest in Kenya Launch on Friday, 21st April, 2017 at Lari Forest Kiambu County. This was an international activity that brought together a number of other ambassadors including the ambassador of Ukrain, Canada, Sweden among others. Many other ministries including the ministry of Environment

His Excellency Israel ambassador to Kenya, Yahel Vilan thought of having an Israel forest in Kenya and this was greatly welcome. This is because Trees are the source of life. Among other benefits of trees : Trees combat climate change, Trees clean the air, Trees provide oxygen, Trees cool the streets and the city, Trees conserve energy, Trees save water, Trees help prevent water pollution, Trees help prevent soil erosion, Trees shield children from ultra-violet rays, Trees provide food, Trees heal, Trees reduce violence, Trees mark the seasons, Trees create economic opportunities, Trees are teachers and playmates, Trees add unity, Trees provide a canopy and habitat for wildlife, Trees block things and Trees provide wood, Trees increase property values and Trees bring diverse groups of people together.

Tree PlantingTree plantings provide an opportunity for community involvement and empowerment that improves the quality of life in our neighborhoods. All cultures, ages, and genders have an important role to play at a tree planting or tree care event. We were happy to be part of this exercise.

Wasike, Christine, Nancy, Kwamboka, Rebecca, Onyango and Wairia carried KEMI’s flag for the day.

KEMI is a great beneficiary of MASHAV Israel and it could be wrong for her to fail to participate in this noble activity. KEMI was allocated a block in the Israel forest to plant 200 trees as a family of MASHAV.

The development of the ESD Strategy assumed a participatory process involving key stakeholders including government agencies, the Private Sector, Civil Society Organizations and Media. This has given the ESD Strategy high acceptability and ownership, which is a good indicator for a successful integration of ESD across all sectors.

KEMI is a great beneficiary of MASHAV-Israel since she already has eight (8) KEMI staff members who have been to Israel for training. Besides, KEMI has had a privilege of having trainers from Israel coming to KEMI to train the KEMI staff on ESD herein 32 staff members of KEMI were trained on ESD.

KEMI was declared an ESD model training center by the MOE in collaboration with MASHAV- Israel in 2015.

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