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Human Resource Management

Kephar Owino - HR Officer

Kephar Owino - Human Resource Officer

It is charged with the responsibility of managing human resource as the most valuable asset of the Institute. It also manages central registry of the Institute.

The functions of the department includes:-

  • Coordinating recruitment and placement of staff;
  • Providing training and development for all employees;
  • Identifying Training Needs;
  • Conducting staff performance appraisal and coordinating performance appraisals of other departments;
  • Initiating and coordinating welfare activities;
  • Advising and interpreting Human Resource Policies and regulations;
  • Handling disciplinary issues;
  • Participating in human resource consultancy services;
  • Managing employees relations;
  • Managing employees exit; and
  • Managing general and Human Resource Registry.


  • KEMI complies with non-discrimination in advertising, interviewing, recruitment, volunteerism, internships, training and promotion of people with disabilities.
  • KEMI is an equal opportunity employer. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply for all positions advertised.

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