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Alternative Methods of Paying School Fees - Goats for Fees

GarsenThe concept of goats for fees was initiated in line with the high demand for education and the need to achieve a 100% transition rate. The main objective of this project is to ensure that learners get education that would later be used to promote sustainable development. The second objective is to enhance learning and teaching through the use of goats as learning aids. The third objective is to enhance school-community linkages through mutual interdependence. It is due to the desire to meet these objectives that this project is based on. This project intends to assist in the attainment of 30% increase in the number of students benefiting from the alternative ways of paying school fees other than money. The project has an action plan complete with priority actions, persons responsible and the time frame. To ensure that the target is achieved, this project uses monitoring and evaluation plan to monitor the progress of the laid down action plan and priority action areas.

Undertaking this project on the alternative ways of paying school fees through the concept of goats for fees has been very helpful to me and has brought so many benefits to the school. The first lesson learnt in the process of developing this project is that several students can access education by adopting the alternative ways of paying school fees in a case where the parents do not have money. In this case, sustainable development is achieved. This project has also enabled the school to develop priority areas in terms of development projects and is likely to attract potential donors and sponsors for our ambitious strategy of ensuring education for sustainable development through the alternative way of paying school fees.

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