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UNESCO Visitors at KEMI on 9th May 2018

ESD Tourism VenturesIt was such an awesome day when KEMI received international visitors from UNESCO Kenya. The aim of the visit was to learn from KEMI’s ESD experiences and activities. ESD practitioners from Japan and 13 countries in the Eastern African Region were present.

Djibouti, Madagascar, Kenya, Uganda, Seychelles, Tanzania, Comoros, Paris, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Sudan and Eritrea, were some of the states represented in the delegation.

KEMI was nominated to be part of the ESD regional workshop’s program as a site to visit. KEMI is one of the institutions in Kenya carrying out capacity building on ESD for educators in the country. It was such an honour to receive these visitors. The main focus of the visit was to experience the Global Action Plan priorities of which KEMI was able to show case as below:

Priority Areas

  1. Inclusivity
  2. Equity
  3. Equality
  4. Transformation
  5. Integration
  6. Innovation

Good Practices in Actualizing the ESD Policy

  1. Institutional approaches- Whole institutional learning approaches
  2. Inspirational models of facilitation e.g use of games, songs, stories
  3. Talent recognition and development
  4. Mindset challenges
  5. Embracing the seven principles of ESD:  Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, Refuse, Reconnect, Repair and Rethink
  6. RE-PO Effects
  7. Action research and action plans
  8. Networking and collaboration

Active ESD Projects

  1. Transforming learning environments by improving the aesthetic nature
  2. Community Gardens
  3. Peace gardens
  4. Virtue Gardens
  5. Botanic Garden
  6. Indigenous vegetable gardens
  7. Herbal gardens

Lessons Learnt

  1. Learning to learn
  2. Competencies required for transformation
  3. Communication and Collaboration
  4. Value based learning
  5. Critical thinking
  6. Problem solving
  7. Creativity and imagination
  8. Digital literacy
  9. Self-efficacy

Proposed Activities

  1. Establishment of a hydroponic farming project
  2. Establishment of 47 ESD model centers; one from each county
  3. Referrals to ESD experts
  4. Facilitation of Secondary schools’ Boards of Management on ESD
  5. Take advantage  of guests carrying out their activities at the KEMI facility to create awareness on ESD
  6. Engage immediate communities
  7. Collaborate and network extensively

ESD Exhibitions

ESD Tourism VenturesTo show other people that ESD is all about relationships, it was easy to demonstrate by giving other institutions which work together with KEMI in ESD an opportunity to show how ESD has transformed the child.

Nairobi West Nursery school was able to demonstrate how waste matter can be used again elaborating the ESD principle of Re-use. They also warned the participants against bad human practices that could cause environmental degradation. Emphasis was laid on greening the environment.

The Head teacher Ms. Rosalie Ndambuki is very passionate about ESD.

ESD Tourism VenturesHospital Hill Primary school also came in with mindset change activities by having a boy child enjoy knitting (an activity which is predominantly known to be carried out by girls.) They were able to show creativity, leadership, talent development and collaboration.

The learners displayed various items that they had made using waste material such as wine glasses, flower vases, pencil holders, decorations, table mats, beads and necklaces.

The principal Mrs. Lydia Matu is a serious practitioner of ESD in the country.

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