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ESD Introduction

HOD Education for Sustainable Development

Christine Owinyi - Head of Section

The section is tasked with the following main objectives:-

  • Co-ordination of ESD Activities;
  • Establishments of ESD Collaborations and Linkages;
  • Planning and Execution of ESD activities;
  • Training of ESD oriented activities.

Specifically, the ESD section is tasked with the following activities:

  • Develop ESD Audit Tool
  • Enhance the ESD demonstration centre in KEMI
  • Develop an ESD Model Centre in KEMI
  • Identify individual talents in the KEMI staff
  • Mapping existing ESD skills in KEMI
  • Establish ESD working Partnerships
  • Establishment ESD working relationships with other institutions
  • Enhance the Environment with ESD practices
  • Create the KEMI ESD Botanical Garden
  • Construct a Simple Recreational centre
  • Creating ESD Kitchen
  • Establish a composite Waste Management
  • Reduction of expenditure on paper
  • Development of ESD training materials
  • Write three funding proposals for training of ESD and other related activities.
  • Documentation and Sharing of ESD activities
  • ICT Integration in ESD Activities

The KEMI management is in the process of bringing the institute to the expected level of a true ESD model training centre. KEMI has not only the will, but also the capacity to mount training courses on ESD, nationally and in the East African region.

In her strive towards KEMI becoming an ESD training model centre, she has initiated various strategies including:

  1. Establishing an ESD committee and other technical working teams
  2. Holding a number of planning meetings
  3. Collaborating with the MOE, MASHAV-Israel, NEMA, Hospital Hill primary school, Northhighridge primary school among others to carry out various ESD activities.
  4.  Developing a Curriculum of training educators on ESD
  5. Training County Education Boards on ESD
  6. Initiating the establishment of an ESD demonstration centre
  7. Initiating the establishment of an ESD garden
  8. Developing annual action plans
  9. Having one of the Institution’s performance Contracting Target for FY 2018/19 as establishing the ESD Model training centre.

The ESD Unit has attracted the participation of all the KEMI staff but has a team leading the rest in form of a committee. The ESD committee members cut across all departments including ICT, Research, and Field Services, Cooperate services, media and training. ESD dealis with cross cutting issues which cannot be identified with only one or two sections but all sections.

The ESD unit is headed by a National Management Trainer.

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