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ESD Demonstration Center

ESD Demonstration CenterIt was yet another heart warming day when all the staff of KEMI participated in cleaning up activities at the KEMI ESD demonstration centre. Led by the Director Madam Grace Ngaca, the staff members were able to use their hands to make a difference.

In response to these, the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of education purposed to initiate steps toward achieving the named objectives. The two key training institutions of the Ministry of Education, KEMI and CEMASTEA became ESD model training centres in 2015. The two were expected to locally train education stakeholders. The training was to be aimed at creating quality educators for quality education. The ESD demonstration centre is within the institute where creativity is demonstrated to the training participants. 

There are working principles of ESD that give direction on what is expected in the tenure of implementing set objectives in ESD. These are:

  1. Respect and care for earth resources.
  2. Improve quality of human life.
  3. Minimize the depletion of non-renewable resources.
  4. Keep within earth’s carrying capacity.
  5. Change personal attitude and practices for a better future.
  6. Enable communities to care for their own environment.
  7. Provide national framework for integrating development and conservation strategy at national level.
  8. Create global partnerships for sustainable development.

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